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Using Your Phone to Engage and Sell to Your Audience


We are now well into our flight - you are reclining in your seat with a drink in your hand looking at the stunning views below. It's time for your inflight entertainment.

Let's talk sales...

I am going to dive straight into sales this week and in particular how important it is to use your phone to engage your ideal clients.

When it comes to initially making contact with your ideal client I want you to disconnect yourself from the financial goal of selling and concentrate on getting to know this person. If you were to go to a business party you wouldn't dream of walking up to someone and saying...

"Hi, I'm Paul and I can help you boost your sales for £2,000 a month. Do you want to sign up?"

Pitching at the first opportunity is never the best approach - even though it may work from time to time, it is difficult to build consistency with this technique. That is why I want you to disconnect from the financial goal on your first call.

In order to collect phone numbers from potential clients, it's best to use a traditional method of data collection such as a lead magnet, webinar or challenge. Therefore when you make first contact you can talk to them about the freebie they have engaged with. Ask them why they chose to sign up for your webinar and what their takeaway was. This is a fantastic chance to do some research into what is working for your target audience.

Finally, I would ask them what their goal is and how they plan to achieve that goal. Tell them you will follow up with them to see how they are getting on after a period of time. You can probably see how this works now... on the next call you can find out if they have implemented the work... and if not you can suggest working with you on a deeper level.

Of course, there is a lot more to this process but hopefully, you can see how this works in principle. More on this soon!

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