7 Wellbeing Tips | Number 2: Write Down Your Non-Negotiables

For me, this is one of the most important and impactful things you can do to improve your work-life balance.

For any business owner, your diary can be one of your most useful tools in keeping yourself focused and on track... but you already know that, right? When you have a big important meeting coming up you put it in your diary, you block out that time in your day. When it is in your diary it becomes non-negotiable.

There is a saying in business: What Gets Scheduled Gets Done

So why don't you schedule your self-care, make it non-negotiable? I don't just mean mediation or going to the gym... but the absolute basics, like having lunch. Imagine how much better you would feel every day if you scheduled 30 minutes for lunch. Non-negotiable, time just for you, that is scheduled.

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