Meet Paul

My Vision

"Fit Your Own Oxygen Mask Before Helping Others"

I want to make wellbeing simple and accessible for everyone. Putting yourself first shouldn't feel like a chore. Prioritising your staff shouldn't feel like a hassle. Wellbeing isn't optional, it is vital to you leading a healthy and happy life and running a successful business. I want to give you the knowledge and tools I was given on my very first day of flight school.

Commercial Airline Pilot &
Founder of The Cockpit Method™

In 2020 my childhood dream job was taken away from me when a major British airline collapsed at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rather than sitting around waiting for the situation to improve I wanted to take control and use my skills to help others. I set up The Cockpit Method™ to do just that, initially focusing on helping frontline workers manage stress and fatigue.