Building Resilience in 2020 and Beyond...

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Hi, I’m Paul

Commercial Airline Pilot &

Founder of The Cockpit Method™

Welcome onboard this Cockpit Method flight, I am your Captain and it is a pleasure to have you here! 

I set up The Cockpit Method™ after losing my dream job in 2020 with one simple goal...

To help others improve their resilience using the decade's experience I have built up in the commercial cockpit.


Work With Me

It is important to me that I work with businesses that not only want to talk the talk but are also willing to walk the walk. Therefore all of my programs are application only - that way me and my team can make sure the programme is right for you and your business needs.

Pilot Your Business

The Ultimate Method to Build Resilience in Your Business

Imagine flying along at 35,000ft when disaster strikes, your palms start to get sweaty, your heart rate rises and the adrenaline starts pumping around your body - what are your next steps?

Not only do we teach you the methods that airline pilots use every day but we show you how to apply these methods in a state of the art Boeing 737 simulator - the same one used to train airline pilots.

Whether you work in a large business with thousands of employee's or are an entrepreneur, we can help you!

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Sarah, NHS Nurse

The Wellbeing Contract® is one of the most useful resources I have come across in recent years. Being coached by Paul has helped me to realise I am accountable to myself and must put my wellbeing first.


Nick, Senior Leadership

The 7 Minute Oxygen Mask helped me to stop and think about my own wellbeing. Paul draws clear links between commercial pilot training, flying and leadership and management in workplaces; this was time well spent.


Colin, Headteacher

The Cockpit Method™ provides an innovative, outstanding leadership framework from the perspective of modern aviation management and leadership that I believe will enhance the effectiveness of all leaders and by doing so enrich the experience of their staff.